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Story of Mohini Avatar of Vishnu and Virochana

Virochana was the son of Prahalada, ardent devotee of Vishnu and Narasimha Avatar appeared to save him. The Story of Virochana teaches us how lust overpowers man and destroys him. Vishnu in Mohini Avatar teaches this important lesson. Legend has it that Virochana attained the title of Shriman and he became more powerful and illustrious than Indra, the king of Devas. He became Shriman as he was blessed by Surya, who gave him a crown on which Goddess Lakshmi resided.

Shriman is one with whom Goddess Lakshmi resides.

Virochana was an Asura (demon). With the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and with the help of the Sanjivani Vidya (that mantra which had the power to bring back the dead), Virochana overpowered Indra and other Devas.

Indra then sought the help of Vishnu.

Vishnu then took the form of Mohini, the enchantress. Virochana who came to know about the beauty of Mohini was desperate to see her.

Virochana was mesmerized by the beauty of Mohini. He lost all his control and was overpowered by lust. He fell into the whirlpool in the form of Mohini. He became a slave of her beauty.

Virochana, who was an able ruler and famous for his wisdom, under the influence of lust promised Mohini that he will give whatever she asked.

Mohini asked for Virochana’s head with the crown. Without thinking for a moment he beheaded himself.

Indra was given Virochana’s crown and he once again became the king of Devas.

Lust is negative energy and it only destroys a person.