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Hanuman is Worshipped in Human Form at Harni Hanuman Temple in Vadodara

Hanuman is generally worshipped in Vanara form – with the face of a monkey. But at the famous Harni Hanuman Temple in Vadodara, Hanuman has the face of a man with moustache, beard and other human facial features. This unique murti or idol of Hanuman in the temple is due to the blessing of Bhagavan Sri Ram.

Hanuman defeated demon king Hirankashpu at Harni. He saved many saints and innocent devotees through this divine act.

When Hanuman performed this divine act, Bhagavan Sri Ram appeared there and blessed him that he will slowly shed his Vanara form and appear with a human face. For this miracle to happen, Bhagavan Sri Ram asked devotees to perform pujas and prayers daily.

As a result of daily pujas and prayers, Hanuman worshipped in Harni Hanuman Temple has human facial features.

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