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Uchitta Theyyam – Story – Information

Uchitta Theyyam is a very popular Goddess Bhagavathy theyyam performed in numerous tharavadu, sacred places, kavu and temples in Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is a female theyyam and associated with Yoga Maya and Goddess Parvathi. As per Uchitta theyyam story, a very small portion of Agni Bhagavan (fire god) broke up and fell on the lotus of Brahma. From it appeared a beautiful Goddess. Brahma asked Kamdev to take the Goddess to Mahadeva Shiva. Goddess Bhudevi requested Shiva to allow the goddess to reside on earth to protect the living beings. Thus, the Goddess first appeared on earth.

The most popular belief is that Uchitta is Yoga Maya who took the place of baby Krishna in the prison of Kamsa. When Kamsa attempted to kill her, she slipped from his hands and appeared in the sky predicting again the death of Kamsa at the hands of the eighth son of Devaki – Krishna. It is believed that she roared in the sky and therefore got the name Uchitta.

There is yet another belief that she sat in the fire created due to the anger of Shiva and then laughed loudly.

The theyyam sits on fire and throw burning coal around. She also performs numerous antics to make people laugh.

The goddess is also associated with Manthravadam in Kerala and therefore she resides in old Mantravadam Illams in Kerala including Kattumadam, Poothillam, Kalakattu etc.

She is worshipped by pregnant woman for an incident free pregnancy period and for easy labor and childbirth.