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Fear Forces Us To Believe We Are Sinners And Lesser Beings

Fear forces us or makes us believe that we are sinners and lesser beings. Society, religion, parents all make use of fear to keep you in control.

What damages an individual most is fear.

We feel we are incomplete when we are under the grip of fear.

Fear causes an erratic deflection from an intended course.

Fear does not want us to realize our true self.

It stops us from achieving fullness. It does not want us to drop all that it is unreal and merge in the real.

Fear wants to keep us away from truth permanently. It wants us to see God as a separate entity and beg for desire fulfillment and liberation. 

Develop a technique to fight fear. We cannot live a happy life with fear as companion. Fear should be kept out of life as nothing can damage you more than fear.

You will achieve the key to the secrets of a successful life, the day you master fear and control it.


Other Thoughts On Fear 

Fear cripples intelligence. It exhausts one's energy and can lead to neurosis. Fear is always
in relation to something whether it is darkness, pain or death. There is no abstract fear, or fear of the unknown. It is clinging to the known and fear of losing the known that projects itself as fear of the unknown. It is not possible to be afraid of something which is unknown. The only way to understand the nature and structure of fear is to face it, and learn about it — not run away from it or suppress it. In this learning there is a curiosity which has its own vitality. (Source – excerpts from an article published in the Mountain Path Magazine January 1988 Issue page 39).

To live without fear is heaven on this earth.

How does one get rid of fear?

Ramana Maharshi answers - What is fear? It is only a thought. If there is anything besides the Self there is reason to fear. Who sees things separate from the Self? First the ego arises and sees objects and external. If the ego does not rise, the Self alone exists and there is nothing external. For anything external to oneself implies the existence of the seer within. Seeking it there will eliminate doubts and fear. Not only fear, all other thoughts centered round the ego will disappear along with it.