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Janakeshwar Shiva – About Jnanakeshwar Form of Shiva

Janakeshwar Shiva is worshipped in Varanasi in India. Information about this form is found in the Kashi Khanda (chapter) of Skanda Purana. Jnanakeshwar form of Shiva is worshipped for getting the ultimate knowledge of self realization.

The Jnana which can help one realize the ultimate truth can be attained with the blessing of Shiva.

Janakeshwar Shiva – About Jnanakeshwar Form of Shiva

Jnanakeshwar Shivling is worshipped near the famous Malteeshwar Temple. There is also a sacred well located nearby. It is known as Kalodak Koop.

Jnankeshwar form of Shiva makes us realize the limitations of the physical body. He teaches us to go beyond the physical. Nothing in the vast cosmos should restrain you from realizing the fact that you are the supreme truth. All boundaries are imaginary and manmade. There are no boundaries to cross. You just need to sit and meditate on Shiva to see what you are searching for lighting up within you. Once you have understood and know this, then you will simply sit back and be part of nature.

Jnankeshwar makes you realize that you are already boundless. All kinds of bondage etc are result of ignorance.