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Saraswati Jayanti – Hindu Goddess Saraswati Puja in Magh Mahina

Saraswati Jayanti is a day dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, who is worshiped and propitiated for learning and for keen aesthetic capabilities, skills in music, dance, arts and grace. Saraswati Jayanti 2025 date is February 2. The day is also observed as Saraswati Puja, Vasant Panchami and Sri Panchami.

Saraswati Jayanti is observed by pooja, music and blessings of books and musical instruments. Artistes dedicate special performance to Goddess Saraswathi.

The popular belief is that Goddess Saraswati first made her appearance on the day to help humans on the day. It is observed on the fifth day during the Shukla Paksha of Magh month.

Small children are initiated into the world of letters and learning on the day. Special programs are held in schools and colleges. Yellow color is given importance of the day. Special murtis (idols) of Goddess Saraswati available during the period is used for worship.