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Sanskrit Proverbs

A collection of Sanskrit Proverbs in Hinduism

A small good done to the virtuous bears great results, while even great help extended to the wicked begets only sorrow. Behold – even grass fed to cows turns into milk, whereas if milk is fed to snakes, it becomes deadly poison.

A wicked man feels elated when he has hurts others with his unkind words. On the contrary, a good man repents immediately even if he makes an unkind remark out of carelessness.

Just as a chameleon changes colors, the low and wicked too put on three different colors. At first, he acts as relative, next as a friend and at the end; he turns out to be a enemy.

Even at times of calamity, a noble man should desist from harboring ill-will or enmity towards others. He is like the sandalwood tree that imparts its fragrance even to the axe blade that strikes it down.

The anger of virtuous men is pacified easily but the wicked never give up their grievances. After all, gold can be melted, but who can melt mere grass?

Even when honored, rogues do not forgo their wickedness. Does a crescent become round even after residing on the head of Mahadev Shiva?

The characteristic of a wise man who has knowledge and wisdom in the right measure is this – he does not become despondent in adversity, and does not become arrogant in times of prosperity.

Virtuous conduct, cleanliness, patience, courtesy, sweet disposition and noble birth – all these do not shine in a person who does not possess internal wealth.

Honor, self respect, knowledge, bravery, high ideals – all these are fruitless in one who does not how to make a proper earning.

Effort of hard work will never be wasted.

There is no point in worrying about past or future. A smart and intelligent person thinks and works in present.

Moderation should be exercised in everything.

Real measure of strength is wisdom.

Procrastination and laziness are poison.

It is no use crying over spilt milk or Let bygone be bygone.

Men of little knowledge make a show out of it and end up being a fool. Men with true knowledge remain silent.

A wise man must not ignore his enemies even if they are weak and small. Even if the spark is too small, it can grow into a raging fire and burn down a forest.

Even when submerged in water up to its neck, the dogs still licks with its tongue. (A habit lasts a lifetime.)

The wicked see every fault in others even if they are small as mustard seeds.

There may be many a star and planet but the moonlit night owes itself to the one moon.