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How To Show God? - Ramana Maharshi Solves The Puzzle

In a famous incident, Ramana Maharshi shows God to a person.

Once a person approached Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and said, “O, Bhagavan, can you show me God?” Ramana Maharshi replied, “I can show you, but I do not know whether you will see Him.” 

The man felt insulted and said, “If you can show Him to me, why can I not see Him? I have eyes.”

The man insisted, “No, you show me and I will see.” So Ramana Maharshi sat in front of him. 

Then just raised one finger and started moving it from one side to another. Five, ten, fifteen minutes went by. The man was still expecting some vision of God to appear. Finally, the man asked, ‘I thought you were going to show me God. Where is He?”

Ramana Maharshi said, “I told you I can show you God, but you may not be able to see Him.”

The man said, “But you have not shown me anything.”

“For twenty minutes I have been showing you God,” Ramana Maharshi said.

“How can that be?” asked the confused man.

Then Bhagavan raised his finger and asked “What is this?”

“A finger.”

“But what is it doing?”

“It is moving back and forth,” the man replied.

Ramana Maharshi said, “I am showing you God, but you are seeing only a finger. What can I do? That is your problem.”

“But,” the man protested, “anyone will say it is only a finger!”

Ramana Maharshi replied, “If you cut this finger and put it on the table, does it move?”

“No, it does not move.”

“Now, what is it because of which the finger moves?”

“There is life in it”, answered the man

“You see,” said Ramana Maharshi, “at most you can say there is life in the finger, but that life is only an expression of Consciousness. Therefore that which is expressing in this body as life, as sentiency, is God. How can you deny its existence?”