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Kurma Purana Teachings - Quotes From Kurma Purana In Hindu Religion

A collection of teachings and quotes from Kurma Purana in Hindu religion.

Teachings From Ishvara Gita In Kurma Purana

They who know that the soul from its essential nature is always the same, immaterial, and exempt from modification, perceive that this universe, through consisting, in appearance of an endless variety of mutable forms, is in reality but a manifestation of the one self existent and supreme spirit; for, as when a red flower place within a pure crystal vase, the vase retains its purity, though it assumes a red color; thus does the soul though invested with various forms, still remain unaffected and unchanged.

The supreme soul, therefore, is immaterial, pure, all-pervading, immutable, and eternal.

Those who desire final beatitude ought to meditate continually on the real nature of the soul. For whoever, steadfast in faith, has by means of abstract contemplation become acquainted with it, he is completely liberated from the bonds of Maya; and that knowledge affords the only real remedy for all the pains and miseries attendant on transitory existence.

Since, soon as a man is enlightened with this knowledge, he becomes identified with the supreme spirit; and as rivers become one with the ocean, so does he, who knows what the soul really is, attain identification with the unity of God.

Quotes From Various Chapters Of Kurma Purana

To the enlightened there is neither transitoriness nor illusion; as it is ignorance alone which deceives, for knowledge exhibits the truth undisguised and free from all fallacious appearances.

He who has attained knowledge realizes that I (Supreme Soul - Parabrahman) alone am the supreme spirit, and there is no other god; that I am the universal soul, the universal form, the beginning and end of all things; without eyes I see and without ears I hear; I am the Vedas and all sacred learning relates to me.

But this truth men cannot know as long as they are involved in illusion; and therefore, they ought to addict themselves to devout contemplation, in order that they may obtain identification with my essence; for then they will be liberated from all the effects of Maya, and will, in union with me enjoy supreme and eternal happiness.

From the supreme spirit proceeded Purusha, Prakriti, and Time and by them was produced this universe, the manifestation of the one god. For I am that spirit; and men skilled in the Vedas know that all things, animate and inanimate, of which this universe consists, are merely multitudinous forms which are assumed by that all pervading spirit.