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There Is Nothing Like Emptiness

There is nothing like emptiness. What we are really emptying is our ignorance. We often mistakenly understand ignorance as fullness. But it is not. When we remove the veil of ignorance, we realize that there is only fullness.  We cannot take anything out of that fullness and neither can we add anything to the fullness.

Realizing this fullness is true freedom.

The comparison we make in life is due to not realizing this fullness. There are no two separate things. Everything rises and falls in this fullness. There is no separate existence. To understand this we need to look how a small seed becomes a huge tree. The very element present in the small tree is present in the huge tree.

Today, we hear people talking about they want to get rid of things. They want to empty. What they are attempting to empty or get rid are unreal things. We all perceive unreal things to be real in life. We get lost in the unreal and it results in suffering and misery on earth. It also results in innumerable cycle of births and deaths.

One and two exists. But two is only an extension of one. There is no separation. There is interdependence. Realizing this is Moksha or liberation.