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Eight Vak Devis In Hindu Religion

Vak Devi symbolizes perfect expression as she is the Goddess of creativity and speech. As per Hindu religion, there are eight Vak Devis. They are:

  1. Vasini
  2. Aruna
  3. Kameshwari
  4. Koulini
  5. Jayini
  6. Modini
  7. Vimala
  8. Sarveshwari

At the behest of Goddess Saraswati, the Vak Devis composed the Lalitha Sahasranamam. As these eight goddesses are the perfect expressions of speech and know the deeper import of the names.

They sang these sacred names in the presence of Goddess Sri Devi (Goddess Lalitha) Herself on a special occasion before a huge gathering of gods, goddesses and sages.

Immensely pleased with the composition of Vak Devis, Sri Devi declared that she would fulfill the desires of the devotees who recited this Sahasranama with faith and devotion.

The eight Vak Devis appear from Goddess Saraswati and are mostly associated with composing Sahasranamas or various Gods and Goddesses.