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Why Is Anamika Or Ring Finger Important In Hinduism? – Story

Anamika or ring finger is of importance in Hinduism. The story of it is associated with Brahma and Shiva. Anamika means ‘that without a name’ or ‘of which name should not be mentioned’.

Brahma who was filled with pride over his creation ignored the suffering of living beings. His pride grew to such an extent that a fifth head appeared on him. Shiva who could not tolerate the arrogance and pride of Brahma pinched out the fifth head of Brahma. Shiva used the thumb and anamika finger to pluck the fifth head of Brahma. As the finger was used to pluck out the head, it had incurred sin.

To overcome the sin of killing Brahma, all auspicious activities are performed with the ring finger in Hindu religion.

The finger is used to wear ring in marriage. It is also used to perform Shradh rituals – the darbha ring is worn in the Anamika finger. The finger is also used to apply tilak and chandan.

Naivedya in Panchopachara puja (when puja is performed by offering five things) should be offered with ring finger. Water in pujas or apbootathmakam should be offered using Anamika finger.