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Coffee Table Book Lord Ganesha with Illustrations by Famous Cartoonist R K Laxman

Coffee table book titled Lord Ganesha is written by Dharmendra Bhandari and has illustrations by the author and the famous cartoonist R K Laxman. The book explores the unknown tales and symbols of Ganesha. What makes the book unique is the illustrations.
The Hindu reports 

Bhandari recounts tales from the Puranas on different aspects of Ganesha lore, connecting them to rituals associated with his worship. He also tells us about how the deity has travelled in various forms beyond India to countries like China, Japan and Indonesia and is incorporated in Buddhism as well. 
Most of us grow up with some sort of rituals and customs and don’t always question why these norms are laid down. The author says he too was like that to a large extent. “We worship but we don’t always know why,” he says. Thus, he undertook a lot of research, he says, to write the text, delving into Puranas, visiting temples and asking priests. “Surprisingly, there is no book on Ganesha,” he notes. “There are some by foreign authors but not by Indian authors. So it was a difficult task. It took me one full year.” 
While the sketches were being created over a period of 25 years, neither the cartoonist nor Bhandari had thought about compiling a book. Yet, says Bhandari, “Laxman was so well informed about the subject,” and his sketches matched many of the author’s episodes. “It was as if I was destined to write it,” he says. 
The author publishes and distributes his own works.