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How to observe Bipattarini Puja? How to do or perform the Bipattarini Brata?

Here is a brief description on how to observe the Bipattarini Puja. People do the puja on the Tuesday and Saturday day after the Rath Yatra. You can perform the Bipattarini Brata on any one day or on all days.

The Brata can be performed by both men and women.

The person performing the puja should avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol and other intoxicating things.

On the previous day of the Bipattarini Brata, the person only opts for vegetarian food.

On the day of the brata, the person undertaking the fast does not eat any food. The fasting is from morning to next day sunrise. He can have fruits and water. Those having medical issues should avoid fasting. Children and older people should not fast. Pregnant woman also should not fast.

Nine different types of fruits are offered to the Goddess as part of the puja. The puja is performed in the evening.

The person fasting ties fourteen types of knots on the hand. The women tie knot on left hand and the men tie knot on the right hand.

The fasting is broken next day morning after sunrise.