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Rudra Vrata Dedicated to Shiva Observed For a Year

Rudra Vrata as the name indicates is dedicated to Shiva. Rudra is the name of Shiva in the Vedas and also it is a fierce manifestation. Rudra Vrata is observed for a year.

The devotee who observes the Vrat only takes a single meal at night.

The person observing the Vrata offers daily prayer to Shiva in the morning and evening.

It is stated in the Matsya Purana that the person observing the Vrata will be able to overcome all diseases. The devotee will also attain the region of Shiva.

At the end of one year, the devotee should gift clothes and food to poor children and elderly people. They should also offer food to animals. It is highly meritorious to plant 10 trees on the day.