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Lila Vrat Dedicated to Vishnu – Leela Vrat

Leela Vrat is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu. It is observed for a year. You can start Lila Vrat from any month. But most devotees start it from the Vaishakh Month (April) or Kartik Month (November).

The fasting simple as the devotee observing the vrat opts for a single mail meal at night for the entire year. He only eats fruits during the day time. Non vegetarian food is completely avoided Alcohol, smoking and all other bad habits should be stopped.

Prayers are offered to Vishnu in the morning and evening.

This Vrat helps in attaining moksha and peace.

On completion of the Vrat, the devotee does food donation to poor people. He also feeds animals.

Distributing clothes after the completion of the vrat is considered highly meritorious.