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Patalesvara Temple – a Shiva Temple inside Jagannath Temple Complex

Patalesvara Temple, a shrine dedicated to Shiva, is located in the northern inner courtyard of the Jagannath Temple complex in Puri. Pataleshvara Shiva is one of the guardian deities of the temple. The unique aspect of the temple is that it is erected 27 feet below the ground level.

A swayambhu Shivling is worshipped in the temple. It is a panchamukhi Shivling – five faced. The Shivling is installed below the Shaktipitha and therefore it is not visible outside. So the temple is known Pataleshvara – Patal meaning underground.

Built in sandstone and facing east, the temple consists of three structures – vimana, jagamohana and natamandapa.

The temple is very important from archeological point of view due to numerous inscriptions. It is equally important architecturally because of the rare underground structure and sculptures.