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Wisdom From Ancient Hindu Sayings

A collection of wisdom from ancient Hindu sayings.

Disease, sorrow, suffering, bondage, alienation — all these are the fruits of the tree of ‘sin against oneself’ reaped by embodied souls.

Virtuous men who are always bent on doing good to others never allow their souls to be contorted even when harm is done to them. The sandalwood tree only imparts fragrance to the edge of the axe that cuts it down.

Time is cooking all beings in the cauldron of great delusion using the sun as fire and days and nights as fuel, stirring them with the ladles of months and seasons—this is the news.

There is no better well-wisher in this world than the critic. [Through criticism] he takes away one’s sins (papam) and in exchange gives his merits (punyam) to the person he criticizes.

Where there is a noble soul, there is God.

A good son is the light of the family.

Silence is as deep as eternity, speech as shallow as time.

Life is a pilgrimage to the shrine of eternal wisdom.

Devotion alone is highly desirable.

Real wealth is one’s will to action.

Desire is the greatest deceiver.