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Why is Milk Abhishekam Performed in Palani Murugan Temple?

Paal abhishekam or pouring of milk on the murti (idol) of Muruga is an important ritual in all Murugan Temples. The ritual has its origin in the Palani Muruga Temple. But why is the milk abhishekam performed?

The murti worshipped at the Palani Murugan Temple is believed to have been created by Siddhar Bogar from nine poisons (Nava Bashanam). He mixed nine deadly poisons and created a medicine which could cure all diseases of Kali Yuga (the present era). But the medicine could not be taken directly. So Siddhar created the murti of Muruga out of the medicine.

To extract the medicine from the murti, milk abhishekam is performed. The milk poured on the murti absorbs medicine. It then contains medicinal properties. The milk is then collected by devotees.