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Gulabrao Maharaj Jayanti at Madhan – Amravati in Maharashtra

Gulabrao Maharaj (1881 – 1915) is a famous Hindu saint, writer and poet. Gulabrao Maharaj Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the saint and is observed on the Guru Purnima day. Gulabrao Maharaj Jayanti 2024 date is July 21.

Gulabrao Maharaj Jayanti Maharashtra

Gulabrao Maharaj wrote about 133 books on various subjects, 130 commentaries and about 25,000 stanza in poetry – all this after losing his eyesight at the age of nine. The blind sage is popularly known as Pragya Chakshu Madhur Advaita Acharya Gulabrao Maharaj. The name Pragya Chakshu because of his intellectual eyesight.

A saint in the Vedanta school of teaching, he was not bound by any rules – he openly declared that the path of self realization is not through rules but through practice. And a person has to do the practice and should not depend on borrowed knowledge.

The 12th century Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj was a great influence on Gulabrao Maharaj. In fact he is believed to have had darshan of Sant Dnyaneshwar.

As per Maharashtra Government website - in the year 1902 when he was 21, he wrote the commentary on the theories of Darwin and Spencer.  He had written books on various subjects like dhyan, yoga and bhakti and written commentaries on ancient treatises.

Gulabrao Maharaj Jayanti is observed on the full moon day in Ashada month – Ashada Purnima as per traditional Marathi Hindu Lunar Calendar.