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Thoughts and Quotes on Puri Jagannath

Once you appeared in the woods.
On the banks of Kalindi
Dancing to the tune of the sweet consort
seeking nectar from the lotus faces of   cowherd women.
Laxmi, Siva, Indra & Ganesh
O Lord, the Master of the Universe appear in my vision (Jagannatha Ashtakam)

I ask not anything from you
O Jagannath, ask not for wealth or woman
But beg for small measure of Saradha Sands (Salabeg)

One who has no hand and leg moves fastest,
captures all, sees everything around, hears even
the faintest sound, knows everyone, matter or
being, but no one knows Him, is called great primal spirit

One who recites hymns of holy feet of Krishna
Worries don’t touch him
Adoring Govinda’s holy feet in heart,
If moves eyes shut
If runs without knowing the pathway
That being does never fall down. (Srimad Bhagavad Puran)

Oh ! God having big hands !, Keep me under the shelter of Your hands. Please keep me under the shelter of Yours arms. Oh God! If You enlarge your big arms, there would be no sorrow at all. ( Gajapati king Sri Bira Kishore Dev)