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Five Jagannath Murtis (Idols) Worshipped in Puri Jagannath Temple

In the Puri Jagannath Temple there are five Jagannath Murtis (or idols) that are worshipped. The main murti is found in the Ratnavedi in the main sanctum sanctorum at Puri Jagannath temple. There are four other Murti worshipped in the Jagannath temple.

Two of the murtis are found in the inner compound of the main temple and two are found in the outer compound. All the four murtis have a story, history and religious reason for being in the temple.

Patitapaban Jagannath – This murti is found in the entrance – Simhadwar – of the temple. This murti is for all those people who cannot enter the main temple due to various reasons.

Tirtheswar of Puri – This murti is found in the western part of the main temple. The temple is known as Charidham Mandir or Rameswar Mandir. The murti here is the representation of murtis worshipped at Badrinath, Rameshwar and Dwaraka. Worshipping the four together is equal to visiting the four dhams.

Neelamadhab – This murti is located in the inner compound. This murti is 3 feet high and is believed to have been worshipped from the very beginning of the temple.

Bada Jagannath or Bada Bihari Jagannath – This murti is found south of the old Banayan Tree in the main temple. It is five feet high. This is a very important shrine. During Rath Yatra, when the main murti in the temple is not present, this shrine gains prominence.