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Mesha Rashi Tree – Which is the tree associated with Mesha Rashi Born People?

Mesha Rashi Tree is Lal Chandan or Raktachandan. There are trees associated with each of the 12 Rashis Hindu Vedic Astrology. People born on each Rashi should worship the particular tree. The tree associated and worshipped by Mesha Rashi Born People is Red Sanders or Red Sandalwood.

Red Sanders is the English name and the scientific name is petrocarpus santalinus.

The Hindi name of the Mesha Rashi Tree is Lal Chandan or Raktachandan

The Telugu name is Rakthachandanamu
The Malayalam name is Raktha Chandanam
Tamil Name is Siwappuchhandanam - Semmaram
In Marathi it is known as Ratanjan.
Gujarati - Ratanjali - Tambada Chandana
Kannada - Agslue - Honne
Bengali - Rakta Chandan
Odiya - Rakta Chandan

The other known names include Senchandanam.

Mesha Rashi born people should plant the Red Sandalwood tree. Water it. They should also protect the Red Sanders tree.

The ruler of the Rashi is Kuja or Mangal (Mars).
The animal associated with the Rashi is Ram - an uncastarted adult male sheep.
The element associated with the Rashi is Fire.

It is used to make Tilak on forehead as part of religous ritual.
Used as a beauty product. Cleanses the skin.
It is also used to treat hemorrhage and dysentery.

The wood is highly priced.