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Devotees Can No Longer Climb the Puri Jagannath Raths (Chariots) during Rath Yatra

Till last year devotees could climb the three Rathas (chariots) in the Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra. But from this year (2014) onwards devotees will not be allowed to climb the chariots. The decision was taken by the Puri Jagannath Temple committee and Puri Shankaracharya.
The Telegraph reports
Orissa High Court today asked the Jagannath temple administration to abide by the Puri Shankaracharya’s opinion that devotees cannot climb the chariots and touch the deities during the annual rath yatra in Puri. 
The temple managing committee had taken the decision on the basis of the opinion of the Shankaracharya that “none other than the sevaks (who perform rituals or seva-puja on the chariots during ratha yatra) — the Shankaracharya and the Gajapati Maharaja — are authorised to climb on to the chariots”. 
The state government had on June 11 decided that devotees will not be allowed atop the chariots on the rath yatra day, during bahuda yatra (the return journey of the chariots) and suna vesha (golden attire).
However, the daitapatis had clarified that during the evening hours of rath yatra and bahuda yatra, the devotees will be allowed onto the chariots. Devotees could also climb the chariot once the golden attire of the Lord was taken off, the daitapatis had said. 
The government, however, kept mum on this interpretation that had sparked off the controversy.