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Tantra and Sex – Tantra is much more than Sexual Technique

Tantra is a sexual technique for majority of people in countries like United States, Canada, Britain and Europe. For people in India, Tantrism is more related to religious rituals and is often associated with Shakti cult. The divine union of Shiva and Shakti (Purusha and Prakrti) is beyond imagination and words are not powerful enough to describe it and it is not a mere sexual union. But today this divine union is marketed in the name of Tantric Sex in the West. In fact, Tantra is a sex technique for a majority of the people but in reality it is much more than a sexual technique.

People are always after instant pleasure – which lasts for couple of seconds. Tantra is bliss – self realization that you are part of the Supreme Being.

Bliss is constant. But the pleasure and happiness graph rises and immediately dips – creating frustration and craving.

Tantra as a mere sexual technique creates disappointment and confusion. But when we approach Tantra as a whole it opens the door of self realization.

Swahilya Writes on this subject in the Express Buzz in the article titled – Tantra is not all about sex
Some excerpts from the article
It is a great wonder of the world how such a beautiful word that refers to a highly expanded meditative way of life ever got connected and understood as something to do with sex! The real meaning of tantra is derived from the two Sanskrit words – ‘tanotu’, which means to expand and ‘trayate’, to protect. It refers to the process by which the mind expands to embrace the whole universe and thereby finds its own liberation. 
Tantra is the practice of meditation that suits the whirlwind pace of our modern day life. The essence of the Tantra is not about controlling the mind. The mind is elastic in nature. The more there is control, the more is the resistance. According to Tantra, wherever the mind goes, Shiva or the consciousness principle is already present there. 
As the Vignana Bhairava Tantra speaks on different ways to attain the awareness that is present behind all our experiences, it takes up all the five elements of nature, mind, sound and light, without which there is no existence. 
The main aspect of this Tantra is dharana or concentration. Using the power of concentration on an object like a jar or a vase, observing the space outside and the space within, one can merge the mind into consciousness. 
So there are meditation techniques to observe the sky, the space within the body, the flow of breath, swing the body left and right and observe the space after one becomes still, experience the space and silence before and after every sound, experience the space around a person even as one is talking to someone. 
The Tantra suggests interesting techniques such as being with the joy of meeting with friends and relatives and living through that experience totally, observing the empty sky and merging with that empty space within oneself, the sensation that happens while kissing and hugging – everything is the divine expression of energy. Every activity done with awareness according to the Tantra leads to a meditative state of mind. 
There is not a place where this consciousness is not present. It is perfect for the mind to go to its habitual places, people and things. The only difference is that with this knowledge, the mind goes with total awareness and in that process, it becomes in tune with consciousness.
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