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Remembering Guru Gorakhnath Tilla in Jogian Mountain in Pakistan during Shivratri

Guru Gorakhnath Tilla, at 3200 ft, in Jogian Mountain in the Salt Range of Pakistan's Punjab province was an important center associated with Shiva worship. Maha Shivratri used to be an important puja and festival here during first century BC. The complex was the most important centre for Hindu Nath Yogis in Punjab prior to 1947.

Starting from first century BC till 1947 (for nearly 2000 years), Guru Gorakhnath Tilla in Jogian Mountain was an important Hindu center of worship.

Importance of Guru Gorakhnath Tilla in Hinduism

  • It is believed that the marriage procession (Baraat) of Shiva and Goddess Parvati passed through the Guru Gorakhnath Tilla in Jogian Mountain.
  • The mountain was part of the Himalayas during the Satya Yuga and Goddess Parvati and Shiva used to rest on it.
  • Kanphata Yogis established their mutt in the first century BC here.

Guru Gorakhnath Created Tree with Green and Dried Branch

There is a belief that the first fire in the place was lit by Guru Gorakhnath. When the pious saint was about to leave the place, he removed a wood from the fire and pierced a nail into it. He then placed the wood on the mountain. The wood grew into a tree and the tree had two huge branches one which was green and other which was completely dried.

Guru Gorakhnath had predicted that the day the green branch of the tree dries, there would be transformation of the place.

The temple was abandoned by Hindus in 1947. Today, the temple is in a dilapidated condition and it is impossible to reach the spot as forests have totally engulfed it.

Hindus who came from Pakistan established Guru Gorakhnath Tilla at Ambala in Punjab, India.