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Hanuman And Lankini - The Warrior Maiden In Lanka

Lankini, the warrior maiden, was the guardian of Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana. Hanuman was stopped by Lankini when He attempted to enter the golden palace of Ravana. Lankini never slept and she guarded the palace day and night. As per Hindu tradition, Lankini was once the guardian of the abode of Brahma.

As she guarded the home of the creator, Brahma, she was arrogant about her powers and status. This made her hot-headed and egoistic. She treated others in the palace with contempt and finally she was cursed by Brahma for her arrogance. Brahma cursed her to guard the city of demons.

Soon Lankini realized her mistake and asked for pardon. Brahma gave her the boon that she will escape from the curse when a monkey will defeat her.

Hanuman Fighting Lankini

Hanuman was eager to find Mata Sita and this is when Lankini stopped him. Lankini was huge figure with red protruding huge eyes and huge weapons.

An impatient Hanuman did not want to fight Lankini and waste His time. So Hanuman grew in size. His head reached the skies. Hands were like huge trees, legs were like mountains. A splash of his tail created an enormous wave that bathed the islands of Lanka. Suddenly, Hanuman gave a high pitched cry. A terrified Lankini ran away in fear.

As she was defeated by Hanuman, she was relieved of the curse and once again guarded the abode of Brahma.

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