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Quotes On Lord Shiva

 A collection of quotes on Lord Shiva, the Supreme God in Hinduism.

Kalidasa in the invocatory verse in his drama Malavikagnimitra celebrates this aspect of Shiva, saying, “Though in eternal union with your wife, O, Shiva, you are untouched by desire and hence foremost amongst yogins.”

Shiva is Pasupati, guardian of souls whom he protects and goads on in the path of moksha. He is ascetic, Dhurjati, but the lover and husband of Parvati, the Divine Mother, at the
same time. As ascetic, as Mahayogin, he reduced to ashes the god of love, Kama, who came to disturb his meditation. But he is the god of love, the beloved husband of Parvati, whom he holds in eternal embrace in the aspect of Ardhanarishvara.

Burning Kamdev, then accepting marriage and then again under the aspect of Ardhanarishvara giving to the world the glowing example of the supreme Advaitic position of Asparsa-Yoga — Shiva passes from negation to enjoyment and then again to negation demonstrating to the world thereby that the supreme Reality refuses itself to be contained either in the one or in the other; that is, one cannot attain Reality neither by enjoyment nor by negation as it transcends both.


The embodied soul is supreme, whole, eternal, consisting of nothing, stainless. It is the ultimate atomic particle, the Natha. It is supreme Shiva, all pervading. It is the ultimate jiva, it is Hamsa, the soul of Shakti.
Kaulajnananirnaya Tantra

Quotes on Lord Shiva from Mahanirvana Tantra

You have no form,
even though with the help of Maya,
you take on myriads of forms.
You have no beginning,
though you are the beginning of all.
It is you who creates, upholds and dissolves the worlds.
Mahanirvana Tantra

Look here, don’t leave me!
If you leave me,
I’ll insult you saying,
“O Madman who wears the fierce elephant’s skin!
O Madman who wears the tiger’s skin!
O Madman who ate the poison!
O Madman surrounded by the fire of the town’s crematorium!
O Madman who has me as His slave!”
Manikkavacakar – 10th century Tamil Poet

Poem dedicated to Lord Shiva by Mahadevi Akka

I have fallen in love, O mother with the
Beautiful One, who knows no death,
knows no decay and has no form;
I have fallen in love, O mother with the
Beautiful One, who has no middle, has
no end, has no parts and has no features;
I have fallen in love, O mother with the
Beautiful One, who knows no birth and
knows no fear.
I have fallen in love, O mother with the
Beautiful One, who is without any family,
without any country and without any peer;
Chenna Mallikarjuna, the Beautiful, is my husband.
Fling into the fire the husbands who are subject
to death and decay.
Mahadevi Akka