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Yashoda – Krishna Puja for Having Children

Married couples those who are unable to have children due to various reasons can find relief after offering Yashoda – Krishna Puja at home. Here is brief idea on how to perform the Yashoda – Krishna Puja.

How to Perform Yashoda – Krishna Puja at Home?

  • Take bath in the morning and wear yellow color dress.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind.
  • Perform the puja facing east or northeast.
  • Keep the painting of Yashoda holding little Krishna on a yellow color cloth.
  • Light the lamp using cow ghee – if you have copper lamp use it. Light one wick.
  • Offer red color flowers.
  • Offer gugal dhoop or other fragrant flower agarbhatti.
  • Offer white chandan.
  • Make a Prasad using jaggery, milk and rice. Sprinkle some tulsi leaves on the cooked Prasad and offer it. This should be later shared with family members and children.
  • Chant the mantra यशोदा-वत्सलाय नमः (Om Yashoda Vatsalaya Namah) 108 times using a chandan mala.

Special Offerings to have children

Keep a kalash filled with uncooked wheat in the house.
Offer a pumpkin to Yashoda and Krishna and keep it in a safe place in the house.
Perform Annadanam (food donation) and distribute clothes to orphan children.