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Chandanayika – About Goddess Chandanayika

Chandanayika is a fierce manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is closely associated with Goddess Durga and is invoked during Durga Puja.

She is rarely mentioned in Puranas. But she is counted among a group of Navdurgas.

She is a tantric deity and invoked for victory over enemies. She is also propitiated for good harvest and for early cure of various diseases.

How to Worship Goddess Chandanayika?

She is offered prayers mainly on Tuesday and during Ashtami tithi (the eighth day during the waning phase of moon).
  • Wear red color dress and performing the puja facing east.
  • Create a mental picture of Goddess in the mind.
  • Light lamp using mustard oil and opt for two wicks.
  • Offer red color flowers.
  • Offer red chandan (sandalwood paste).
  • Offer Kumkum.
  • The sweet on the day should be prepared using rice.

Benefits of Chandanayika Worship

  • Desire fulfilment.
  • Victory over enemies.
  • Work that was abandoned or facing problems due to unknown reasons can be restarted with the blessing of the Goddess.

Special Offering

Smear a safed bhopla (white pumpkin) with sindhoor. Cut it into two pieces and offer it to the Goddess. This will help in achieving victory over the enemies.