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Flowers Offered To Shiva on Shivratri

Not all flowers are offered to Shiva. Here is a list of flowers that are offered to Shiva on Shivratri festival.

The main offering on Shivratri is Bilva leaf. The Bilwa fruit is also offered on Shivratri and it is abundantly available in markets during the period.

The flowers offered to Shiva

Blue lotus

Blue and white lotus is offered to Shiva to over the fear of death

Nerium oleander

Offering this flower to Shiva will help in recovering from ill health.

Aak flower

For desire fulfillment and to recover from serious ailments.


This flower is offered to Shiva by couples to beget intelligent and healthy children. Many childless couples have got children after offering this flower.


Chameli flower

The belief is that offering this flower will help in fulfilling desire of buy animal or vehicle.

Nag kesar flower

Gular flower

Harsingar - Night Jasmine

Offering Harsingar will help in achieving peace and progress.

Bela ka phool or Mogra

Mogra is offered for getting a good wife or husband.

Alsi - Flax seed flower

It is believed that Bhagavan Vishnu offered this flower to Shiva.

Shami Tree Flower

This is offered to Shiva to attain moksha or liberation.

Dopahriya - Mid Day flower

The person offering this flower to Lord Shiva will have desires of ornaments fulfilled.

Agasti - August Flower

This flower is offered for career progress, success in the respective field and for improvement of social stature.

The flowers never offered to Shiva are:

Kadamba flower

Kewda flower