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Iccha – Desire in Hinduism

As per teachings in Hinduism, Iccha or desire is one of the basic qualities of the human mind. Here is a brief understanding of Iccha – desire as per Hindu religious philosophy and teaching.
  • Iccha is the first reason behind the first creation - the desire of the Supreme Truth.
  • It is the root cause of all activities.
  • Along with knowledge and effort, desire is one of the three aspects that proceed before the performance of any action.
  • Iccha Shakti of Bhagavan is eternal. The iccha shakti of all other living beings in temporal.
  • Desire is the direct cause of action.
  • Iccha is not a negative force.
  • Natural desires are necessary for a living being to survive on earth.
  • Desire becomes dangerous when living being moves away from the basic surviving mode. Desire to quench thirst, have food, sleep etc is natural. But the desire to accumulate, possess, control etc are negative.
  • Negative desires are the result of the wrong belief that individual soul separate from the Supreme Truth.
  • When the veil of ignorance is removed, there will be no desires to be fulfilled.