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Carrot Offering to Shiva on Shivratri

Carrot is never offered to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Bhog, Prasad or naivedya prepared using carrot is very rare in Hindu religion. But carrot is offered to Shiva during the night of Shivratri.
Carrot is offered in raw form and in the form of sweet and dish on Shivratri.

The offering is performed from midnight to early morning.

The raw carrot that is offered to Shiva on Shivratri can be used in kitchen on the next day.

Benefits of Offering Carrot on Shivratri

  • Change of luck – there will be prosperity. Bad luck will turn into good luck.
  • Wealth will see rise. Money related matters would be solved. One can get rid of obstacles related to wealth.

Why Carrot is not offered to Hindu Gods and Goddesses?

  • The main reason for not offering carrot is that it grows underground and therefore sunlight does not fall on it.
  • Another reason is that it has the shape of bone.