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Kattil Mekkathil Temple near Chavara in Kollam – A Temple on Lake and Sea

Kattil Mekkathil Temple at Ponmana, near Chavara in Kollam District, in Kerala is located in a unique spot – where lake meets sea. The temple is on an island created by the lake and sea. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali – the Mother Goddess worshipped here is ugra murti – she has just annihilated Demon Daruka.

For devotees, Devi is the Mother Goddess who blesses and guides her children.

There were three palm trees and two wells in the premise of the temple. The place got its name from the palm tree. Today a single palm tree is found in the temple premises and five freshwater wells.
Even though the wells are located close to the sea, they provide fresh water and this is considered a miracle.

The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are Ganapati, Durga Devi, Moorti, Yogishwaran, Madan Thampuran, Yakshi Amma and Nagas.

Special pujas and rituals like Shatrusamhara Pushpanjali are performed on Fridays.

The main Prasad offered to Goddess is Iratti Madura Payasam and Aru Nazhi Mahanaivedya.

Tying Bells for Desire Fulfillment on a Peepal Tree
There is a peepal tree on the south side of the temple. The tree is filled with small temple bells tied by devotees for wish fulfillment. A devotee walks seven times around the tree and then ties a small bell for wish fulfillment.

Special temporary traditional tents in Vrischikam Month
During Malayalam Vrischikam month special tents are made by devotees here to observe Bhajanam. They reside in the tent and observe various rituals during the first twelve days of the month (starting from November 16 or 17).

Some of the rituals observed in the month are:
  • Special pujas and rituals
  • Annadanam
  • Thottam pattu
  • Thanga Anki procession
  • Vrishika Pongala
  • Tirumudi Darshan and
  • Arattu.
Special boat known as Jangar takes devotees from the mainland to the temple.