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Three Things That Led to the Downfall of Ravana in the Ramayana

Just before his death in the Ramayana, Lakshmana became a student of Ravana and got life lessons. From that conversation, we are able to understand what led to the downfall of Ravana in the Ramayana.

Ravana always knew that Bhagavan Sri Ram was no ordinary human being. Despite this, he never took refuge at the lotus feet of Sri Ram. He kept on delaying it and kept finding reasons for not approaching Ram. But when he was hit by the arrow of Bhagavan Sri Ram, he only called out the name ‘Ram…Ram…Ram.’

Three Things That Led to the Downfall of Ravana
  • Arrogance
  • Underestimating the enemy
  • Share life's secret
His arrogance was an important cause for his defeat. When it was time to ask for the boon from Lord Brahma, he asked that he should not be killed by Devas (demigods) or Asuras (demons). But he underestimated human beings and animals. He was overconfident about his powers. So he thought no human or animal can harm him. 

Again, he always underestimated Bhagavan Sri Ram and the Monkey Army. In all his conversation, he had contempt for them.

He shared his life’s secret with Vibhishana. At a crucial juncture in the Ramanaya, Vibhishana joined the enemy camp. So never, share important secrets with anyone. It might lead to your downfall.

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