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Tiruvundiyar – a Shaiva Siddhanta Text

Tiruvundiyar is a Shaiva Siddhanta text. Shaiva Siddhanta is one of the many South Indian schools of Shaivism. There are fourteen Shaiva Siddhanta texts and Tiruvundiyar is the first among them.

The author of the text is Tiruviyalur Uyyavanda Devar.

The scripture contains the quintessence of Shaiva Siddhanta teachings in 45 verses. The text is composed in a meter known as Kalittal issai.

The text is unique and interesting as the author addresses a fly about the basic truths of the philosophy.

The author states that all evils, vices, and blemishes fly away on listening to the truth of Shiva.

The basic theme of the literary work is that one can only see Shiva through his grace.

One has to make one’s heart free of all vices. It has to be purified. Then one can enjoy the unalloyed bliss of Shiva.