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Lal Devi Mata – Story of Mata Lal Devi Mandir Amritsar

Lal Devi Mata was a holy woman who had the blessing of Maa Chintpurni Devi. She performed numerous miracles during her lifetime. Her miracles began when she was just nine months old. Below is the story of Lal Devi Mata. The most famous temple dedicated to Lal Devi Mata is the Mata Lal Devi Mandir in Amritsar. Her birth anniversary is observed with various programs at the Maa Chintpurni Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh.

Birth of Lal Devi Mata 

  • Lal Devi Mata was born at Kasur in Pakistan on 21 February 1923.
  • Soon after her birth, her family won a long pending case.
  • There was peace and prosperity in the family.

Miracle at the age of 9 months

  • When Lal Devi Mata was 9 months old, her family visited Maa Chintpurni Temple in Himachal Pradesh. She had not even started sitting upright then. Soon after having darshan of the Pindi of Ma Chintpurni, a great energy appeared in her and she started moving around in trance. Those present there declared that the baby was indeed an incarnation of Ma Chintpurni.

Pious Life from a Young Age

  • From a very young age, she stopped taking mother’s milk and instead started drinking milk of cow.
  • When she was five years old, she stopped taking all forms of grains and rice and only age milk and fruits.
  • From the age of seven, she started performing intense meditation on Goddess Shakti. There used be intense light seen in her room. At night family members used to hear small children laughing in her room.
  • Once she was found on the terrace of the house in Samadhi.

Ganga Gives Darshan to Lal Devi

  • When she was 12 years old, her family members went to Haridwar to have darshan of Ganga without taking her. It is said that on hearing her call, Ganga River appeared before her and gave her a miracle vessel.
  • It is said that after this divine incident Lal Devi Mata used to visit Haridwar three times in a darshan.

Flower Prasad in Mata Lal Devi Mandir

  • When India got independence, she settled in Amritsar and the spot is now the famous Lal Devi Mandir.
  • She continued performing miracles.
  • There is a belief that the flower that a devotee gets from the temple has the power to cure various illnesses. Many childless couple has found relief after having darshan in the temple and taking the flower home as prasad.

Death of Mata Lal Devi - Samadhi

On January 9, 1994, Lal Devi Mata left the world by entering into Mahasamadhi (she gave away her human form) and merged in the eternal flame of the Supreme Truth. 

Ma Chintpurni Trust has made a rest house in her name and there is jagran there on every Sankranti (middle of a month). The Guest house also provides good, clean and affordable accommodation to those visiting the Chintpurni Temple.

Numerous activities are held on her birth anniversary on February 21, 1923 at Ma Chintpurni Temple and at the famous Mata Lal Devi Mandir in Amritsar