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Goddess Lakshmi Worship for Mental Peace

There is a widespread belief that Goddess Lakshmi is associated with money, gold and richness. This is not true. True happiness and true richness on earth is for those who have mental peace. A person who is able to enjoy heaven on earth has the true blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Maa Laxmi should be worshipped for mental peace.

  • When a person is at peace, prosperity will follow him.
  • Only a calm and serene might can produce good work.
  • Creativity and original ideas come to a mind that is at peace.
  • The toughest problems are solved when there is peace.
  • A turbulent mind is unproductive.
  • It creates rift, fights and problems in relationships.
  • Lack of peace leads to anger and anger only opens the doors of destruction.
  • Mental peace can dissolve ego, anger, desires, lust and unwanted thoughts.
  • When the mind is at peace, even porridge can satisfy you but when the mind is agitated, even a feast fit for a king will not satisfy you.
  •  If the mind is not at peace you cannot enjoy wealth and richness.
  • Therefore worship Goddess Lakshmi for mental peace. This will result in auspiciousness and prosperity.
Make a mental image of Goddess Lakshmi in the mind.

Do your prayers.

Offering Kewra or kewda (a kind of perfumed water) to Goddess Lakshmi helps in attaining mental peace.

Sit in meditation and untie all knots that is causing problems in our life.

Start afresh. Be creative. Cooperate and flourish.