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Shoorpanakha Creating an Illusion of Ravana to Accuse Sita of Being Unfaithful

There are numerous stories in Indian folklore based on the various episodes in the Ramayana. One such story from Telugu folklore is of Demon Shoorpanakha creating an illusion of her brother Ravana. She uses the trick to accuse Sita of being unfaithful to her husband Bhagavan Sri Ram.

Shoorpanakha wanted to marry by Lord Ram but he rejected the proposal. When the adamant demon attempted to have her desire fulfilled forcibly, Lakshman, brother of Sri Ram, cut off her nose.

She decided to take revenge on Lord Ram.

She took the form of a poor beggar woman, went to the ashram of Sita, and asked her for food.

When Sita went inside to get food; Shoorpanakha drew a sketch of Ravana on the floor and brought it to life by threatening Brahma.

The shadow Ravana hid under Sita’s bed and emerged just as Rama came inside.

Ram accused Sita of being unfaithful and banished her from the ashram.

Note - This story is not in the original Valmiki Ramayana. It is part of Telugu Folklore.

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