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Holi Festival Dandia Sari: Special Saree Gifts to Daughters

Dandia is a special sari, or saree, gifted to daughters during the Holi festival. Dandia therefore is an important Holi gift and many Hindu parents make it a point to gift the sari during Holi. Married daughters are invited and are specifically presented with the saree. Dandias are also unique saris and they differ from the normal saris in appearance.

In some places, Dandia is only gifted to newly-wed daughters. In other regions, the sari is presented to both married and unmarried daughters. In some places, along with Dandia a normal sari is also gifted.

Dandia is a cotton sari with Indian pink edges. The pink color creates an uneven pattern and the sari can be described as a pink and white colored sari. The saree also contains other designs and the part covering the head has ‘kiran’ attached to it. ‘Kiran’ is the gold or silver color borders found on the sari of brides. The pallu also has ‘kiran’ attached to it.

Dandia is worn by newly-weds on the day of Holi. Elderly women wear it mainly during the ‘Rang Pashi’ ceremony.