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Hurang or Hurdang Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan

Hurang or Hurdang Holi celebration is dedicated to Balram, or Baldev, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. It is observed in and around Baldev Town, around 20 km from Mathura. The temple dedicated to Balaram here is known as Dauji Ka Mandir. Thandai, a cool drink mixed with Bhang, is lavishly served during the period and this intoxicates the Holi participants here.

Hurang is observed for two days during Holi period. The Baldev town turns into a carnival of music, rasia competitions and folk dances during the period. People go around splashing colors from pichkaris or mini water cannons from dawn to dusk. Thousands of Krishna devotees arrive at the town to observe the festival.

The colors for the festival are prepared from Tesu flowers in a huge tank in the premise of the Baldev Temple.

Traditional musical instruments are used create music during the period. But the highlight of the festival is the activities of people under the influence of bhang.