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How To Do Simple Shiva Puja At Home?

Puja to Hindu God Shiva can be performed at home. It is really simple and anyone can perform it. Prayers can be offered to photo or painting of Shiva. Another option is to perform puja to Shivling. Shivling can also be prepared immediately for puja using camphor, turmeric, mud, clay or flowers. You can also do it without murti (idol), painting or shivling by just remembering Shiva in mind.

Simple Shiva Puja At Home

All pujas begin after purification ritual – this includes bathing, cleaning the puja area etc.

Choose a quiet and clean place to perform the puja.

Wear white color dress.

Perform the puja facing north.

First pray to Ganesha to help in the successful completion of the puja.
  • Light a lamp before the murti of Shiva and offer prayers.
  • Offer water
  • Offer white color flowers or bilva leaves.
  • Offer uncooked rice.
  • Offer a fruit. Later you can eat it or give it to a cow.
Touch the feet of the Shiva murti or painting and take blessings. If murti is not there do it before the lamp.

Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya.’

If you have ash, apply it on forehead.

Meditate for sometime or if you have time read stories of Shiva.