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Deotamura – Noted for Huge Carvings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Tripura

Deotamura, means peak of God, is famous for its panels of rock carvings on a steep mountain wall on the bank of Gomati River in Tripura. The place is also known as Chabimura or Devtamura and is around 75 km from Agarthala and 5 km from Amarpur.

Huge images of Shiva, Vishnu, Kartik, Mahishasuramardini Durga and other gods and goddesses from Hindu pantheon are carved on a mountain at Deotamura.

It is believed that the images were carved during 15th and 16th centuries.

To reach one can take bus from Udaipur to Rangamati. From Rangamati one has to take a boat to reach Deotamura.