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Veerabhadra Moola Mantra – How to Chant Veerabhadra Swamy Moola Mantra?

Chanting of Veerabhadra Moola Mantra helps in coming out of difficulties. It also helps in defeating enemies and improving stature in society. Veerabhadra Swamy appeared from the hair strand of Lord Shiva after the death of Mata Sati. His also known as the first Rudra Avatar. Below is the Veerabhadra Moola Mantra and a brief description on how to chant it.

Veerabhadra Moola Mantra

ह्रौं हूं वं वीरभद्राय नमः
Om Hroum Hum Vam Veerabhadraya Namah

How to Chant Veerabhadra Swamy Moola Mantra?

  • Ideal time – early morning along with sunrise or just before sunset
  • Cloth color – Red
  • Direction to face – South
  • First offer prayer to Ganesha.
  • Light lamp using Ghee.
  • Creating a mental picture of Veerabhadra in the mind.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times using a Rudraksha Mala.
  • Sit in meditation.
  • If possible feed a goat.