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Kunj Ekadashi Before Holi Festival in Nathdwara

Kunj Ekadashi is associated with Shri Thakurji (Lord Krishna) and is part of the Dol Utsav and Holi festival. Kunj Ekadashi 2024 date is March 20. It is observed on the 11th day during Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Phalgun month (Fagun Sud 11). Kunj means garden and the belief is that Lord Krishna visits the garden prepared for the Dol festival. The colorful festivities of Dol and Holi from Kunj Ekadashi day are observed during the evening also. From today onwards there is no difference between god and devotee – the conversation enters into friendly talks including foul words are used. Kunj Ekadashi is of great significance at Nathdwara - a town in Rajasthan. It is located in the Aravalli hills, on the banks of the Banas River in Rajsamand District, 48 kilometres north-east of Udaipur. Nathdwara  is famous for its temple of Krishna which houses the deity of Shrinathji, a 14th-century, 7-year-old 'infant' incarnation of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The

Shastra Deeksha – Rules And Procedure Of Upanayana Samskara

Shastra Deeksha means initiation in the study of the Shastra and is also known as Upanayana Samskara or the sacred thread ceremony. This is a ceremony to be performed in the eight year of a Brahmin child, eleventh year of Kshatriya child and twelfth year of a Vaishya child. It marks the end of the life of childhood. The child enters studentship or the first stage of ashrama, namely brahmacharya (celibate). As a child, he had no duties and could incur no guilt. He did not have to observe restrictions relating to food. After Shastra Deeksha he is held responsible for his actions. This ceremony has fifteen stages. The child wears a single cloth and is brought before a Guru. The child’s father requests the Guru to accept his child as a student. The Guru places the child under the care of the gods. He then enquires about the name of the child and also his ancestry. The Guru place his hands on the child’s shoulder and offers upper and lower garments. The Guru ties around the child’s waist

Marapuli Theyyam – Story - Information

Marapuli Theyyam ( മാരപുലി ) is a unique and rare theyyam part of the annual Thira – Theyyam – Kaliyattam festival mainly in Kannur and Kasaragod districts in Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is associated with Shiva and Goddess Parvati taking the form of tiger and tigress respectively. As per the Mara Puli Theyyam story, Mara Puli theyyam is the son of Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the form of tiger and tigress. Once, Shiva and Goddess Parvati were traveling through the Thullor Forest. Here they happened to see a tiger mating with a female tiger. Shiva and Parvati had amorous feelings and they took the form of Pulikandan and Pulikarinkali (Pullikarinkali) ( പുലികണ്ടനും   പുലികരിങ്കാളി  ( പുള്ളികരിങ്കാളി) ). It is believed that Puli Karinkali made a big hole below Thathenar rock ( താതേനാര്‍   കല്ലിന്റെ   തായ്മടയില്‍ ) and gave birth to five children – four males and one female. As per some beliefs she gave birth to five male children. The female child is popularly known as P

Mangadath Bhagavathy Theyyam – Information – Story

Mangadath Bhagavathy theyyam is a rare powerful Mother Goddess theyyam worshipped in a few kavu, tharavadu and temples during the annual theyyam, thira, kaliyattam festival in Kasaragod region of North Kerala. As per information, this is a ferocious form of Goddess Bhagavathy. As per Mangadath Bhagavathi story, she appeared to defeat demons but her uncontrollable fury caused disturbance in the region. She was given a proper place of worship and a theyyam is performed annually to keep her calm and benign. This form of Mother Goddess is worshipped for avoid incurable diseases especially contagious diseases like poxes. She is also worshipped for protection and to keep away wild animals from attacking farm animals. She is also propitiated for desire fulfillment. She is worshipped to defeat enemies and to keep away supernatural beings disturbing peaceful life in the family. Mangadath Bhagavathy theyyam is performed during the Perumkaliyattam at the Pilicode Sree Vengakkot Bhagavathi Tem

Contentment In Hindu Religion

Contentment (santhosha) is one of the five niyamas or regulations in Hindu religion. It implies absence of desire for any possession in excess of the immediate necessities or maintaining one’s life. Contentment in Hinduism is satisfaction (sam+tus) with what comes of itself. From contentment, unsurpassed happiness is gained (Yoga Sutra 11.42). It is said in this regard that the happiness gained on this earth through the enjoyment of desired objects, or the supreme heavenly joy, is not even one-sixteenth of the happiness caused by the cessation of desires. Contentment is the highest form of bliss, as mentioned in the Mahabharata (XII.21.2). Santhosha assumes also a spiritual content, namely full faith and satisfaction in the Absolute, as against external objects. In this context, it is rightly said that the regulations help in creating the right orientation for ishvarapranidhana (surrender to the Ultimate). Contentment is freedom from desire (Vishnu Purana). Vijnana-Bhikshu has ri

Madayedam Daivam Theyyam – Story – Information

Madayedam Daivam theyyam is a very rare theyyam performed during the theyyam thira kaliyattam festival at Kannur and Kasaragod regions in Kerala. As per information, this is a male theyyam and is a deity. Madayedam Daivam theyyam story is that of the deity appearing before a pious soul. The deity helps the pious soul by protecting lives of people of the region. The deity also defeats enemies and keeps out supernatural beings which harm livestock. Madayedam Daivam was given a theyyam to honor his divinity and to keep him calm and cool. The theyyam is offered prayers for desire fulfilment, to overcome enemies and to achieve success.

Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy Theyyam – Story – Information

Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy Theyyam ( കൂവളംതാട്ട് ഭഗവതി തെയ്യം ) is a Mother Goddess Shakti theyyam performed annually during the theyyam kaliyattam thira festival mainly in Kannur region of North Kerala. As per information, Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy is a manifestation of Goddess Bhadrakali who annihilated Darikasura. Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathy theyyam story is that of her traveling one day from Madayikavu to Ashtamichal temple. When she reached Kalichal tree, she felt and intense thirst that could devour the entire water in the universe. At this time Kuthoor Maniyani was grazing his cows. Seeing the divine lady suffering due to thirst, he cut a bamboo and made a vessel and milked a cow. He gave the milk to Goddess Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathi who drank it and got satiated. She blessed him with her presence in his home, kannikottil and karalikara. Goddess Kuvalamthatu Bhagavathi wears a golden waistband with bells. She holds sword and trishul or trident. Her theyyam is noted for an unsually long t

Kutty Theyyam – Information – Story

Kutty theyyam is an interesting and unique theyyam performed during the annual theyyam kaliyattam thira festival in Kannur region of North Kerala. As per information, this theyyam does not have a huge make or dress. Kutty theyyam story is that of a person getting divine status due to a unusual event. A unique aspect of Kutty theyyam is that it moves round on its legs for nearly an hour. The movement of this theyyam becomes mesmerizing especially due to the accompaniment of melam. This theyyam performance attracts a large crowd especially to watch its performance and the music. Kutty theyyam is performed at Mundayad Pulli Vettakkorumakan Aarooda Kshethram (Pazhaya Kottam), Elayavoor Puthiya Kottam, Pilathara Ezhilode Karattu Neeliyar Bhagavathi temple, Mattannur Velliyamparambu Pullivettakoru Makan temple, Ezhilode Karaatt Sree Neeliyaar Bhagavathy temple, Kannapuram Mottammal Perumthottam Neeliyarkottam, Parassinikkadavu Kodallur Sree Kulangara Kavu Neeliyar Bhagavathi Kavu templ

Dreaming Of Being Kidnapped By A Stranger – Meaning

Dreaming of being kidnapped by a stranger is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face difficulties in near future from unknown people. It also means you will accidently get caught in a bad situation. Dreaming of being kidnapped by a stranger also means you will be mistaken for someone else. It also means you will have unwanted thoughts and weird feelings. A dream of you being kidnapped by a stranger in a known place means you can expect some kind of trouble from strangers during your daily routine in near future. Dreaming of being kidnapped by a stranger and you also see a person you know in the dream means you will be cheated. You will be trapped by someone you know. You can expect financial cheating or fraud. It might also mean that your life will be in danger due to person you know. Dreaming of being kidnapped by a stranger and you are trying to escape means a secret of yours will be exposed and this will cause some serious problems in

Dreaming Of Pyrite Crystal – Meaning – Pyrite Dream

Dreaming of pyrite crystal is a positive dream as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means happiness and success through creativity in near future. It also means there will be energy and success. Dreams of pyrite and you see you wearing them means marriage or new relationship. It is also associated with wealth and getting recognized or noticed. Dreaming of big pyrite crystal means abundance, new wealth, change of luck and winning of games or lottery. Dream of pyrite crystal ornaments means you will get courage and conviction to follow your goals. You will use imagination to solve problems. The dream is a sign that if you pursue your goals, you will be able to achieve them. Dream of pyrite breaking means self-doubt; lethargy and procrastination will result in tough situations. It also means you will miss a golden opportunity. Dreaming of someone else wearing pyrite crystal suggests jealousy or success for enemies due to your inability. It also means poor decisions a

Bhagavad Gita Chapter X – Verse 21

Of the Adityas I am Vishnu; of the luminaries I am the radiant sun; among the winds I am Marichi; among the constellations I am the moon. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter X – Verse 21) There are twelve sun-gods, called Adityas. They bring about the universal conflagration by their simultaneous appearance. One of these is known as Vishnu. ‘And that one I am. Remember also that I am the radiant Sun, on which depends all life. And I am Marichi, the principal storm-god. And I am also the moon.’ In Eastern literature the moon stands for all that is sweet and lovely. After the heat of a mid-summer day in the tropics, the moon is a most welcome appearance, cooling down things. ‘So when you see the sun and the moon, think of Me, Arjuna. That will purify and elevate your mind and it will make you happy.’

Dreaming Of Pyjamas – Meaning

Dreaming of pyjamas is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means a period of rest or casual interactions. It also means you will be lazy or will deliberately stay away from work. It also means free period after success. Dreams of pyjamas mean you will be doing something of your liking. Dream of pyjamas and you are happy means you will have desire fulfillment especially related to career. Dream of pyjamas and you wake up worried, terrified or crying means you will do something in near future that might result in getting into legal trouble. The dream also means friends of yours will create headaches for you and it will result in a scandal. It also means an unwanted relationship causing problems. Dreaming of pyjamas and you see family members or people you love means you will return back to something you like. It also means a new appointment. The dream also means you will get opportunity to meet your old friends. It also means travel and

Dreaming Of Pyramids – Meaning

Dreaming of pyramids is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will have to work really hard to solve an upcoming problem. It also means there are no low hanging fruits in life anymore. Dreams of pyramids also mean you will find treasure or will go on an archeological adventure. It is also associated with ancestral wealth or some kind of information related to your forefathers in near future. Dream of pyramids crushing down means problems in life especially associated with career or studies. You will be forced to make extra effort to come out of the situation. It also means struggle to reach the top. Dreaming of several pyramids and other people on them means competition. The dream means you need to prepare hard to overcome unhealthy competition. Dream of pyramids and you are climbing in it or you see mummies or creatures means death or you might see death of someone close to you. Dreaming of pyramids in an unusual place means you are was

Dreaming Of Python – Meaning – Python Snake Dream

Dreaming of python is a very bad omen as per dreaming meaning and interpretation. The dream is a warning of upcoming problems in life which will be huge and enormous. It also means unwanted relationships causing problems in life. Dreams of python also means to achieve success you will have to show immense patience and single-minded focus. It also means you will have to use stealth and surprise as a weapon to defeat your enemies. Dreaming of python and there are more in the dream means there will problems in family. There will be fight with family members. You might say words which will hurt others for the rest of your life. Dreaming of you being attacked by python means there will be problems to house. You will face leakage or other problems in house. There will be problems related to toilet and lack of cleanliness. Damage due to house from natural causes like rain or wind. Dreaming of python attacking strangers means you will face unexpected problems from strangers. Dreaming o

1 March 2023 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Wednesday, 1 March 2023 – It is Shukla Paksha Navami tithi or the ninth day during waxing or light phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Navami tithi or the ninth day during waxing or light phase of moon till 6:17 AM on March 1. Then onward it is Shukla Paksha Dashami tithi or the tenth day during waxing or light phase of moon till 7:50 AM on March 2. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.)  Good – Auspicious time on March 1, 2023 as per Hindu Calendar – Good and auspicious time on the entire day.  Nakshatra  – Mrigasira or Makayiram nakshatra till 11:42 AM on March 1. Then onward it is Ardra or Arudhara or Thiruvathira nakshatra till 1:50 PM on March 2. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasthan), Mrigasira or Makayiram n