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Bhagavad Gita Chapter X – Verse 21

Of the Adityas I am Vishnu; of the luminaries I am the radiant sun; among the winds I am Marichi; among the constellations I am the moon. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter X – Verse 21)

There are twelve sun-gods, called Adityas. They bring about the universal conflagration by their simultaneous appearance. One of these is known as Vishnu. ‘And that one I am. Remember also that I am the radiant Sun, on which depends all life. And I am Marichi, the principal storm-god. And I am also the moon.’ In Eastern literature the moon stands for all that is sweet and lovely. After the heat of a mid-summer day in the tropics, the moon is a most welcome appearance, cooling down things. ‘So when you see the sun and the moon, think of Me, Arjuna. That will purify and elevate your mind and it will make you happy.’