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Dashama Puja In Chaitra Month

Dashama puja in Chaitra month is dedicated to Goddess Dashama and is observed on Chaitra Krishna Paksha Dashami or the tenth day during dark or waning phase of moon in Chaitra month (March – April) as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Rajasthan. The ritual is observed for prosperity and good fortune. Dashama Puja in Chaitra Month 2025 is on March 24.

Devotees who are facing an adversity ('dasha' in Gujarati) and want to appease Goddess Dashama to overcome it. Goddess Dashama is widely worshipped in rural Gujarat and Rajasthan and in cities by the lower socio-economic groups.

The Vrat katha dedicated to the Goddess is read on the day. Some devotees observe a 24 hour fast on the day and end the fasting with udyapan on the next day.

The most important puja and ritual dedicated to Goddess Dashama is observed for nine days in Shravan month.