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Anandanubhava – Writer On Advaita During 12th Century CE

Anandanubhava is a prolific writer on Advaita during the 12th century CE. Anandanubhava is the author of three important works on Advaita Vedanata – ishtasiddhivivarana (a commentary on the Ishtasiddhi of Vimuktatman), Nyayaratna-dipavali and padartha-tattvanirnaya. In Nyaya, he wrote a commentary on the Nyayasara of Bhasarvajna. The fact that his works, Nyayaratna-dipavali and Padartha-tattvanirnaya was commented upon by Atmasvarupabhagavan, establishes the scholarly nature of his works.

Ishtasiddhivivarana and Padartha-tattvanirupana have so far not been published. In Padartha tattvanirupana, Anandanubhava criticizes the ontology of the Nyaya-Vaiseshikas and the Bauddhas, and establishes the Advaitic viewpoint. Nyayaratna-dipavali, like Brahmasutra, consists of four chapters, with the same names ascribed to them, i.e. samanvaya, svirodha, sadhana and  phala. In the first chapter, the validity of Vedic cognitions is discussed. The viewpoint of Advaitins, that Vedic testimony is an authentic source of knowledge, because it is apauruseya, and that the validity of knowledge is intrinsic, is upheld with proper arguments. Also, it is maintained that the blend of Brahman with maya is the material cause of the world. In the second chapter, the so-called textual contradictions are resolved, and different theories of error are discussed and criticized, upholding the anirvacaniyakhyati. In the third, perceptuality of verbal cognition and place of karma in the process of liberation and renunciation are discussed. The last chapter elaborately sets out the nature of liberation, jivanmukta, and the locus of avidya.