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Dreaming Of Headphones – Meaning – Dream Of Buying Headphones

Dreaming of headphones is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means desire fulfillment especially related to buying electronic gadgets or mobiles or something related to music or hearing. Dream of buying headphones means financial gains or success in money matters. Dreams of headphones and you are seen absentminded means you will face accidents in near future and it is a warning sign to be alert and avoid doing things on road.

Dream of headphones and you are seen angry or disillusioned means you might buy something that is defective. It also means you might be cheated.

Dreaming of headphones and you are seen with family members or friends means joyful time. It also means vacation or taking break from your routine.

Dreams of buying headphones and you see large crow means attending music festival or fair.

Dreaming of headphones and you wake up scared or screaming means accidents or shocks. It also means you will face difficulties due to an electronic gadget in near future.