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Story Of Birth Of Demon Singhamukha

Demon Singhamukha or Singhamugham assisted Surapadman who was responsible for conquering all the worlds and annihilating Dharma in the universe. Muruga or Kartikeya appeared to defeat Demon Surapadman. There is an interesting story regarding the birth of Demon Singhamukha.

Asurendra, the king of demons, was worried about the increasing strength of Devas or demigods. He approached his guru Shukracharya for a solution.

As part of his plan, Shukracharya blessed Surasai, daughter of Asurendra with the power of Maya and asked her to bring out her magical powers to defeat Devas.

Shukracharya asked Surasai to seduce Sage Kashyapa who was in deep penance on the Mount Meru. He asked her to get powerful offspring from the great sage. Shukracharya knew that the sons born from the union of Sage Kashyapa and an Asura woman will have greater powers than the Devas.

Surasai took the form of a heavenly maiden and disturbed the penance of Sage Kashyapa. The sage lost his will power and followed the beautiful maiden. She taunted and teased him. The sage was now completely under the control of the maiden.

She took the form of fierce lioness and asked Sage Kashyapa to take a form that will match that of hers. The sage immediately took the form of huge lion and mated with the Surasai.

From this union was born Singhamukha – lion-faced and thousand headed. The combined sweat of Kashyapa and Surasai also produced 40,000 lion-faced demons.